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You've found me! I'm so happy you're here.
Now to the magic of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Let's find out,
How many titillating ways will we delight one another?
What joys will ignite just being together? 

You are: 
A man yearning for a little extra something in his life. 
A man who would enjoy being rediscovered. Delighted in. 
A man looking for a lady to accompany him. 

I am...and hope to become your...
companion, confidente, your intimate friend. 
Tour guide, sidekick, the lady waiting with open arms
 blissful secret, your pen pal, your fantasy fulfiller

I am...
the lady on your arm,
the dinner date who makes the meal more enchanting,
the one you laugh with, and pant with, and share with

The One who: 
sees you, hears you, takes joy in you, the real you...That One.
That's me.
The intriguing woman next door. At the block party, The Grocery, the PTA. That sexy milf.
The one you can take out turning heads, not raising suspicions. That's me.

I am...
Feminine & Refined in Public....Playful, sensual, a terrible tease in Private. (sometimes in Public too)

I'm told...
I'm warm, so warm. Loving and kind. So kind. Genuine and witty. With an easy laugh. 
I'm told...I'm whimsical with impressive imagination stamina :)
I'm told...I'm addictive. Full of stories. Eager to hear them.
that that time goes too fast.
I hope you will find this and so much more...

Facts & Figures:
.Based in San Diego, it's my pleasure to assist you in arranging your vacation here in my seaside town.
.Touring select cities again in 2022,
until then,
.Open to 'Fly me to You' arrangements.

Extras: Published Author, avid W
riter, Performer, Actress, Artist, Raconteur, Devoted to the Arts of Love and Pleasure
Height: 5'4" 
Hair: Long strawberry red (mermaid)
Body Type: Very Curvy but Petite enough to make any man feel brawny
Bra size: 34DDD
Age: Sophisticated, in the range of our glorious stars: Nicole, Angelina, Jennifer, Jessica Rabbit.
Education: Juilliard

             Until we meet,
                     Wishing you
                                Passion, Compassion

Scarlett Sasa


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