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Just being with you, connecting with you and creating magic with you is a Huge Gift! But if you want to surprise me with un petit cadeau for my birthday or just because, these are a few things that always make me smile. Simply click on an icon and you'll be directed to one of my favorite sites. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The way to this girl's heart is with champagne. A glass of bubbly while getting to know you is such a treat. 


Fueling my body and mind with the healthiest of foods is vital. Whole Foods is the perfect gift any day of the week.


Beverly Hills Hot Springs is the ultimate space for self care. A retreat from the every day! 

Beverly Hot Springs Spa image.jpg

The straightforward and practical is often the most appreciated! So many things can be found here, and utilized to the utmost.

Amazon image.jpg

Oh I love Daily Harvest. it's my breakfast everyday that I'm at home. Anything from them, makes me smile.

daily harvest.jfif

A monthly Green Juice delivery that invigorates with chlorophyl & nutrients so we can play play play. 


One of my three favorite fresh flower deliveries. So full of joy and beauty. Bringing instant happiness to the room.

H.Bloom flowers.jpg

Storyweaver, raconteur, Teller of Tales...writing, creating magic with words is my passion and this is my most prized ongoing classes.  

writing logo grapes.jfif

Whether it's for the back cover of my latest book or simply to update my gallery page, a session with this top notch photographer always makes me feel special.


I would love for you to pick for me! Every designer size is different so we may need to collaborate and I can't wait to come wrapped just for you.

bra and pantie image.jfif

What gal doesn't like a new black dress or a sexy pair of designer heels? Saks Fifth Avenue is just the place to find them both.

Saks Fifth Ave image.jpg

These handblown items are a flavorful addition to a home AND the mission of GlassyBaby is to give. Aligning with companies that consider the collective is vital.

GlassyBaby image.jpg

My secret place. Pummeled and pumice'd, scrubbed & massaged, steamed & oiled, my soft silky skin awaits you.

yu spa.webp

The Hippocrates Institute is my go-to place to reinvigorate. Raw Food, mediation and time to fantasize. Expensive but worth it. 


Oh the bouquets! The spritely presentation! Glee to give! Glee to recieve! This is always a perfect gift card.

farmgirl flowers gift card.png

Farm Girl Flowers gift certificates & Bouquets in their burlap sacks are such a lovely way to present flowers to a cherished friend or beloved.

farm girl flowers_edited.jpg

Writing a deep passion of mine. Along with writing books, I have helped several artists birth solo shows. Getting certified as a coach is the natural next step. 

Author Accelerator image.jpg

The things a girl does to keep her skin glowing! I love so many of the products on this site. 

Skin Store image.jpg

My favorite place to find a new scarf or a stylish piece of jewelry is Neiman Marcus. And of course, the fragrances delightful, too! 


For the gal who can't drive at night and won't drive after a glass of bubbly, these are a necessity and very much appreciated.

uber lyft.png

Net-a-Porter is a feast for the most expensive, luxurious goodies. This is beyond a treat.

A Breakfast at Tiffany's classic. 

net a porter gift card.jfif

The other of my adored flower shops. No woman can resist their bespoke arrangements.

hoot owl creek.jfif

Would you like to share one of my favorite bottles of red wine with me? Hoot Owl Creek, Candlelight, & We.

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