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Kind Words


“Just sitting here at my desk thinking about how much I’m looking forward to seeing you again – laughing with you…. You’re not only stunning physically but your inner beauty and good heart makes it all that much more attractive.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you put a smile on my face this morning from 3,000 miles away Looking forward to seeing you next time you’re in town.”

“Scarlett is so different from anyone I have spent time with…yes, she is the most cumpletely unique lady I have met… not sure I can adequately put into words all that is “Sasa”!! First of all, she is a first class, “thrill your soul” kinda lady… absolutely charming and charismatic.. I was disappointed she had to leave…”

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"I was always so grateful you shared yourself with me and trusted me so much. That means so much to me. I always had a completely thrilling and exhausting time and, yes, there were NEVER enough hours to spend together! 

You were really my teacher, so beautiful, so sexy, so talented....I loved how you played parts and did perfect accents...and I REALLY am not trying to 'blow smoke'!! I always love just being with you. Love to you." 

"Dearest Sasa,

Last night you transported me once again to the magical kingdom of lust and romance. I was enveloped in your sensuous warmth and the caring warmth of your soul. I am glad for the ways our relationship has grown over the years in the small moments of time we can spend together. I enjoy sharing life stories with you and laughing together. And making a naked woman laugh is an extra bonus. I look forward to seeing you in the new year. Love--"

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